The master suite in your home should be a comfortable sanctuary where you can unwind after a long day. There should be personal touches to the design, furniture layout, and color scheme that are uniquely you.

Not everyone has the opportunity to transform a master bedroom into the perfect space. However, if you’re ready to have the suite you’ve always desired, a master bedroom remodel is a worthwhile investment!

There’s no limit to how you can transform a master bedroom, but getting started can be challenging. If you need design ideas or help planning for the remodel, the following list will point you in the right direction.

Reasons for a Master Bedroom Remodel

How you choose to redesign your room depends primarily on the purpose of remodeling. Many factors can influence the need for change. You may consider a master bedroom remodel for any of the following reasons.

You’re Selling the House

A carefully designed master bedroom is an attractive feature to potential homebuyers. A master bedroom remodel can yield a decent return on your investment when the time comes to sell.

You Need Extra Space

If the master bedroom is too small for all the features you want in the room, you could hire remodeling contractors to remove interior walls and increase the square footage. If storage space is an issue, builders and designers can redo the room’s layout to incorporate a walk-in closet.

You Want to Age in Place

As adults age, they may have reduced mobility and require assistance to walk, sit, stand, or balance. A remodel may be necessary to make the master bedroom suitable for senior living. For example, you might consider transforming a room on the ground level into the master suite or adding a barrier-free shower into the master bathroom.

Budgets for Master Suite Remodeling Projects

How much you spend on your remodel depends on how much work it needs. Typical costs run about $110 per square foot. However, the price can increase significantly if the room needs extensive renovations to accommodate the new design or if the builders uncover a problem, like water damage from an undetected plumbing leak.

Overall, it can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 for a master bedroom remodel, including work on a connecting master bathroom.

Incorporating Finishing Touches

The design aspect of the remodeling project is what will give the space a distinctive appearance and ambiance. It will also affect your budget.

You will want to consider bedroom lighting and fixtures, window treatments, flooring options, wall color, furniture, and decor. Do you prefer hardwood flooring with a stylish area rug under the bed or plush wall-to-wall carpeting? Will you have an accent wall with a different color or design than the others, or will you keep everything neutral? An interior designer can help you put your bedroom ideas into a cohesive design plan.


It’s time to begin enjoying your time in your master suite! A master bedroom remodel will give you space, lighting, layout, and personal touches you need to make the room both functional and cozy. Contact our team today to discuss your bedroom remodeling ideas and begin your room transformation.