Renovating your shower allows you the freedom to make your bathroom a luxury dream come true. To maximize the potential of your bathroom, consider implementing some of these doorless shower ideas. The professionals at Icon Building Group have put together some classic favorites for your renovation. If you want to renovate your bathroom, contact our home remodeling contractors in Wilmette for more ideas and professional guidance. Continue reading for ideas on how to make your bathroom your favorite spot in the house.

1: Play With Colors and Tile Size

From adding a tile accent wall to minimizing color and creating a peaceful environment, you have limitless options for your bathroom. Larger tiles create a more serene feel and can increase the apparent size of an otherwise small bathroom.

Consider using a monotone color throughout the bathroom to maximize size and declutter the walls and floor. Or use small tiles on the ceiling and floor to create more height. For a more homey feel, use brightly colored tiles on a partial wall or the shower floor.

2: Include Partial Walls and Glass

Partial shower walls can help you keep water inside and divide the room to create a sense of privacy. Use glass for minimal separation, allowing natural light throughout the room for a sense of openness. Many doorless shower ideas include partially covered showers, keeping the open feel without sacrificing comfort.

Consider using a partial wall to distinguish between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. Play with colors to make the transition more noticeable, or go monotone and create a larger-than-life appearance.

3: Add a Bench

A bench within the shower provides minimal lines, with the physical comfort of a resting space or place to put shower necessities. This idea works wonders with larger bathrooms and walk-in showers.

Use a darker tile to add contrast, or keep it minimal for a smooth transition into the shower. Most shower benches remain close to the ground for ease of use, but your bathroom is yours, so do whatever feels right.

Some other options include the following:

  • · Floating shelves
  • · Nooks
  • · Accent shelves
  • · Tile seats

4: Maximize Natural Light

A properly placed window in your bathroom can let in natural light without sacrificing your privacy. Consider some of the following options:

  • · Skylights
  • · Small circular windows above the eye line
  • · Frosted or colored windows

Any of these and more can add visual interest and variety to create the feel you want from your bathroom.

A lack of shower curtains promotes natural light and makes the space feel open and accessible. Consider using a partial wall or glass to direct water without affecting light sources.

Learn about half-bathroom remodel ideas for more renovation options for your home. If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, including some modern shower ideas can enhance your bathroom experience and create a more relaxed, romantic, or comforting environment.

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