Are you thinking about adding square footage to your home? If so, you’re not alone.

If you’re trying to figure out how to make the best use of your property’s space, then adding square footage is a great place to start.

Why? Because home additions provide one of the highest returns on investment in home renovation projects while giving you the square feet you need.

They also allow you to customize your space. Whether you need more room for family members, a remote office space, or an income-generating rental unit, an addition can be an exciting solution.

Read on to get inspired and learn how to do these projects well with valuable tips from remodeling service professionals in Chicago.

4 Remodeling Projects to Consider for Adding More Square Footage to Your Home


Bump-outs are small home additions that extend from the exterior wall of your home. They can add up to 3 feet to the width of a room, although they’ll likely be less than 2 feet deep into the room’s interior.

Bump-outs are an excellent option if you have limited outdoor or yard space. Due to their size, they don’t require additional permits or adherence to building codes beyond what you’d normally expect for any other type of home addition.

Garage Conversions

A garage conversion is one of the most common types of additions. As long as your garage has enough space and is structurally sound, it’s easy to convert into a living space!

And, with the right contractor, you can easily add plumbing, electricity, insulation, windows/doors, flooring, drywall, and painting/staining options.

Basement Remodels

One of the biggest benefits of basement remodels is that they give you more space to enjoy, adding room for all of your family members.

They also make your home more comfortable and functional for guests with an extra bedroom or bathroom, an entertainment space to play pool or watch movies, and more.


Adding a dormer is one of the best ways to make your home more functional while boosting its curb appeal.

A dormer is a roofed addition with windows built in that projects from your main roof.

Dormers come in various styles and designs, which can contribute immensely to your curb appeal. The variation of possible dormers makes adding one complex, necessitating the advice and services of a construction professional.

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Home additions are a great way to add square footage to your home and make your house feel more like home. But, how do you know which additions will really pay off in the long run?

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