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When it comes to stress-free bathroom remodeling, Chicago homeowners rely on seasoned experts with a flair for design.

Chicago Bathroom Remodelers

There is nothing more exhilarating than deciding to go through with those long-awaited plans for bathroom remodeling in Chicago. Sometimes, updating this well-used area is all it takes to bring an entirely fresh atmosphere to the rest of the home. It is an excellent way to revitalize your living space, and a bathroom remodel project is a surprisingly affordable and attainable goal with professional support.

Now, you can finally install that steam shower or transform your home’s busiest space into a relaxing spa-like experience. At Icon Building Group, our home remodeling team works hard to bring new life into each property we design, build, and remodel. Why not let us channel your interior design vision into workable solutions at prices you can afford?

Why Remodel That Chicago Bathroom?

If you are considering simple ways to improve your home in the Windy City, updating the bathroom or kitchen should be the first thing that comes to mind. A large-scale remodeling project is not the only option—even small changes to a bathroom can update the home in major ways.

Revitalize Older Spaces

Bathrooms are both the most used and the most neglected rooms in a home, and most property owners do not consider developing these areas beyond utilitarian purposes. Does your bathroom still have the standard appliances that are now outdated or worn? Remodeling changes that outlook overnight.

A remodel project brings property owners the opportunity to install energy-efficient, water-saving appliances that change the look and feel of the room. Why not improve your utility bills and environmental footprint alongside the design aspects? Update the paint or wallpaper, replace those shabby sinks and cabinets, and start enjoying the space you use daily.

Create a Spa Atmosphere

Redesigning master bathrooms is particularly flexible. Would you like our professionals to help you create an in-home spa? It is the ultimate in luxury right there in your own home.

If a spa experience is not the goal, there is still so much on offer with bathroom remodeling in Chicago. Choose from free-standing clawfoot or walk-in bathtubs, decadent steam or waterfall showers, soft wood accents, and much more. A luxury escape is only a quartz or marble surface away.


Bathroom Remodel in Chicago, Illinois

There are perks to working with experienced remodeling companies in Chicago, and Icon Building Group is a premier choice in the area. The right remodeling company works hard to provide homeowners with the best project experience possible, from start to finish.

Interior Design Help

At Icon Building Group, our projects begin with the design and planning stage. Our remodeling team works with you to understand what you have in mind for the final bathroom makeover and help you narrow down the choices.

Product Selection and Installation

Part of the design stage calls for appliance selection and installation instructions, essential services in the eyes of Icon Building Group’s interior design professionals. Which makes and models appeal to you? What are the perfect appliances to make your dream bathroom a reality?

We combine your design goals, budget, and needs with our extensive product knowledge to help you choose the right pieces to complete the look. Our professionals also install these appliances, including new plumbing and fixtures. You will have all warranty paperwork and operational knowledge to make the most of your new bathroom before we leave.

Licensing and Certification

Another significant benefit of working with our professional remodeling company in the Chicago area is our licensing and certification. As your chosen company, we carry this paperwork to prove that we are competent in our craft. The Icon Building Group team can give you quality results on every project, including basement, kitchen, and bathroom remodeling in Chicago.

Start-to-Finish Bathroom Remodeling Services

At Icon Building Group, our many years of experience become evident in the flawless process we follow. Homeowners can make the most of their remodeling projects with our help and advice at every step of the way.

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Our dedicated services in Chicago include:

  • Comprehensive project planning
  • Logistics and permits
  • Adaptability
  • Efficient remodeling work
  • Step-by-step project communication and management
  • Product education
  • Warranty information
  • Client-focused customer service and more

Are you ready to plan that new bathroom, basement, or kitchen remodel in Chicago? Icon Building Group offers seasoned interior design and Chicago home remodeling experts who can make your vision a reality.

The indoor comfort you deserve is only a call away—contact Icon Building Group at (847) 232-6400 today for top-quality bathroom remodeling in Chicago and beyond.