Window trims, sometimes known as casings, are a type of interior molding that highlights the perimeter of doors or windows. Window trims started out as a way to cover gaps between the window and the wall or door to prevent cold air from making its way in, but they have come to serve as decorative elements that add style to a space. The eyes are naturally drawn to doors and windows, so choosing the proper trim will undoubtedly add to the beauty and value of your space. There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when choosing the perfect window trim, including the properties, size, and style of your home. When chosen correctly, window trims add beautiful value to any room.

Consider the Space

Many homeowners choose to use white for their trim, as this will give you some flexibility in terms of wall color. When chosen properly, a window trim will compliment the other moldings and style in the room. You will want to consider existing proportions of the space as well as how high the ceilings are; busy trims can be distracting in smaller spaces. Spaces with higher ceilings also look more complete with thick trims that are proportional to the height of the ceiling. The style of the space is also important, as elaborate trims are often not well suited for the designs of more modern industrial homes, say those with brick or concrete floors. A Neoclassical style home, though, will be suited well to more delicate trim. If you match your new trims to the existing style of your home, they will add to its value and will not be distracting.

Popular Trims

Choosing a proper window trim to accentuate the design of your home can be a daunting task. You will want to consider how the windows add to the space of each room, paying mind to the thickness of the window and the type of frame. You will also want to consider how high the ceilings are in each room, as rooms with higher ceilings call for thicker trims. The more simple of window trims is the flat stock trim. These are the most affordable and are easy to install, and they complete the room nicely, pairing with almost all room colors. Jamb extension trims extend the depth of the wall and are extensions to the window frame. Reveal trims create a shadow line around the frame that visually separates the window from against the wall, and gives a clean modern look, although it does come at a slightly higher cost.

When it comes to choosing the perfect window trim, you will want to first identify the style of your home to make sure that the trim you choose is consistent with the rest of the home. Size and scale are important, especially since the eyes tend to divert to windows and doors upon entering a room. The material that you will want to choose will also vary from hardwoods to pine to poplar.