There is no better time of year to finally start new projects than the summer. With the cold weather gone, it is time to combat the heat with these summer home improvement projects. Get your tools ready and learn about these exciting ideas for summer!

Whatever you decide to improve, our team of remodeling contractors in Chicago from Icon Building Group can help. Icon Building Group is ready to assist with your next remodeling project.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens are a place for eating, gathering, and entertaining friends and family. You may notice you could use more seating and counter space. Perhaps the layout of your kitchen is not working.

Kitchens are one of the most common rooms people consider upgrading to fulfill their needs better, and you can improve yours! You can make upgrades like installing new fixtures, painting the walls, or putting in new floors.

Update Your Bathroom

Fixing up your bathroom is the perfect way to stay cool in the summer and avoid working in the hot sun. Updating our bathroom gives it new life and makes it ready for guests during the holiday seasons later. It is always ideal to select a bathroom design that goes well with the rest of your house.

Insulate Your Home

The hot summer months are an ideal time to properly insulate your home. You want to stay cool while inside and keep the hot air from getting in. Proper insulation can include batt insulation, spray foam, and foam boards, improving your home’s energy efficiency in the summer.

Replace Old Windows

Old windows that leak air may be why your home is always hot in the summer. If you cannot cool off while your air conditioning is running, check out the state of your windows. It might be time to replace them with ones that will keep the air in and out as needed, saving you money and decreasing heat gain.

This project can help you spend less on your energy bill and keep you cool when you need it most. You can seal, waterproof, or repair your windows, if possible, but you may need to replace them entirely for best results and cost-efficiency.

Work On Outdoor Improvements

One of the best summer home improvement projects is to improve your outdoor living space. You can plant new trees for shade against the heat, flowers for beauty, or add a new stone walkway in your front or backyard. Fixing up wood decks is a popular summer project too.

Conclusion: Start Your Summer Project Now

There are so many fun and beneficial summer home improvement projects, so why not start early in the summer? Icon Building Group can help remodel your home and finish those summer projects. No other remodeling company in Chicago will provide you with such a stunning transformation and dedicated service.

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