For most homeowners, the kitchen is not just a place for cooking and eating but also for gathering with family and friends. Having a gourmet kitchen often makes cooking and socializing even more enjoyable! Here, we will look at a few gourmet kitchen must-haves, design ideas and share with you a few tips on how to acquire your very own!

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What Is a Gourmet Kitchen?

The differences between gourmet kitchens and standard home kitchens are size, functionality, and design. A gourmet kitchen is similar to professional kitchens, with large work spaces, ample food and kitchen gadget storage, and professional-grade stainless steel appliances. The aesthetics, kitchen layout, and placement of appliances blend the gourmet kitchen seamlessly into the interior design of your home.

What Are Some of the Gourmet Kitchen Must-Haves?

The hallmarks of any gourmet kitchen are professional appliances, large counter space, plenty of cabinet storage, and practical workstations.

You should lay out your kitchen for maximum efficiency, with designated sections for preparing food, gourmet cooking, serving, cleaning, and storage.

The following are some of the top features a gourmet kitchen should have.

  • Professional-grade appliances
  • Stain-resistant countertops
  • Sink or cooktop in the kitchen island
  • Integrated microwave and dishwasher drawers

Gourmet Kitchen Design Tips

There are many aspects to consider when designing your gourmet kitchen so that the results match your needs.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when designing your gourmet kitchen:

  • Know the appliances you use the most and integrate them into the layout efficiently.
  • Know the type of food you like to prepare so that you can allot spaces for storing the tools and equipment required for that cuisine or dish.
  • Determine how many people use the kitchen at the same time and whether you will entertain the guests in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Identify your cooking habits, preferences, storage space needs, and whether you need special tools and equipment.

Gourmet Kitchen Design Ideas

Though the design of your gourmet kitchen should match your tastes, preferences, and needs, here are a few ideas from our interior designers that you can draw inspiration from!

Contemporary Design with Industrial Elements

Such a design will give your kitchen a unique flair and lots of personalities. Consider going with a high ceiling, white walls, and cherry wood floors to create an airy and spacious atmosphere. Add a gas range for a functional, modern cooking station.

Classic, Traditional Design

This design retains the classic look that many homeowners know and love. In addition, the kitchen features roomy cabinets that conceal kitchen appliances and equipment, allowing for a cleaner look that does not disrupt the flow of the countertops.

Stainless Steel Countertops

You can have a modern gourmet kitchen fitted with stainless steel countertops that are easy to clean. Consider adding overhead cabinets on top of the kitchen island.

A Combination of Textures and Warm Colors

Achieve a vintage feel by combining teakwood kitchen cabinets with golden granite counters, pairing the two with a natural stone backsplash. The interesting textures and patterns make for an inviting kitchen, perfect for entertaining.

Professional Home Remodeling Contractors

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