If you need a half bathroom remodel ideas, you’re in the right place. The team at The Icon Building Group, your Arlington Heights home remodeling company, compiled this list for you.

What Is a Half Bath?

A half bathroom is one with a mirror, sink, and toilet. You may also add an under-sink storage area if you have the space.

You can fit it into an area about three feet wide and six feet long. Consider where the plumbing and ventilation will go and try to place these as near an existing sewerage pipe and water connection as possible. You can save material and labor costs by sharing the wall of another bathroom.

Half Bath Ideas for Utilizing Dead Space

Some spaces to consider when starting include areas:

  • Under the stairs: These work well for guest bathrooms as long as they don’t open directly onto an area where guests may sit. Look elsewhere if you have an open plan living room with an unobstructed view of the door.
  • Under dormer windows: This bathroom idea space is a great option because it already has a window and easy access to ventilation.
  • In the garage or basement: You can reclaim space you don’t use in either of these areas or use them for plumbing or ventilation.

Things to Consider for Your Bath Renovation

Before you start browsing half bathroom remodel ideas, you should consider the following crucial elements of the remodeling project.

Electrical Requirements and Ventilation

You must install your outlets on a circuit that provides shock protection. Each bathroom must also have either an exhaust vent or a window that can open and close. Additionally, you will need to consider where the light fixture installations will go.

Sound Insulation

You should insulate any area that will be near dining or living areas where you entertain visitors.

Not doing so may lead to guests feeling uncomfortable using the facilities. Considering how easy and inexpensive it is to wrap pipes and drains or insulate the walls, it’s a must-do step.

Visual Privacy

Most people want privacy when entering or leaving the bathroom. If you must put the bathroom into an open-plan living space, find a clever way to allow visitors to enter or leave discreetly. For example, you can rearrange your furniture to face away from the door or screen it off.

Use Corners to Gain Space

Don’t ignore small corners when you need to add storage or lighting. Consider hanging the lighting in a corner or running lighting along the side to use the available space. You can also find corner cabinets or shelving to utilize that space fully.

Do You Need Professional Help to Achieve Your Vision?

Would you like to simplify the whole process? Opt for professional help from The Icon Building Group by calling (708) 401-9969 to discuss your half bathroom remodel ideas. If you think you need a new full bathroom instead, learn more about the different considerations before adding a new room in your house and then give us a call.