The pandemic hit hard and fast, forcing many companies to quickly adopt remote work policies, allowing millions more to work from home than ever before. Even as we continue to lift mask mandates and businesses reopen to the public, many workers are not ready to return to the office.

Whether you’ve been working from home since before the pandemic or if you’ve only just landed a remote job, a home office is essential. The home remodeling experts in Schaumburg, IL, at Icon Building Group are here to help you with your home office remodel so you can get more done in your ideal office space.

Choosing the Best Home Office Location for Productivity

There are many things to keep in mind when putting together your home office project. You might need a dedicated home office away from the family to work. No matter what your goal, the space you choose should help you boost productivity by being in a relaxing and motivating environment.

Converted Bedroom

One of the most popular options for home office remodel projects is to convert an old bedroom. It gives a quiet and separate space within the home, usually with convenient access to the bathroom and kitchen. Whether it once belonged to a child who has since moved out, or it’s a guest room that rarely gets used, a home office is an excellent way to repurpose your spare spaces.

Backyard Cottage

If you need more privacy, then a backyard cottage might be the better option for you, especially if you have clients over, as financial planners and mental health professionals with private practices often do. Backyard office spaces are perfect for anyone looking for square footage and natural light than a bedroom office can offer.

Garage Conversion

Converting your garage is an excellent idea if you’re not already using it for your car or storage. It has many of the same benefits as a backyard cottage without the expense of having a freestanding shed or property wired for electricity.

Shared Space

Depending on the situation, you may be used to working from your couch or bed, and maybe for space purposes, your living room is your best option. Converting a corner of your living room or main bedroom into an office space isn’t ideal for everyone, but if you’re working with limited space, it may be the best option.

Should You Opt for a DIY Home Remodel or Call the Professionals?

A home office can be as small or big of a project as you want it to be. It could be as simple as getting some new paint and furniture for your existing space. Or, it could be as complicated as adding a new structure to your property, in which case you may want professional help.

What your ideal office space looks like will likely determine whether you should attempt this as a do-it-yourself project or contract the project out to experts like Icon Building Group. For more on the latest home remodeling trends or to get a free quote on your home office remodel, call us today at (847) 773-1200!