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Infuse new life into a much-loved home or update the interior of a recent purchase with dependable home remodeling in Chicago.

Home Remodelers in Chicago, IL

Are you considering the many benefits that come with cost-effective home remodeling in Chicago? Remodeling is an easy way to infuse value and comfort into any Chicago property, and experts like Icon Building Group make it seem easy. However, choosing the right remodeling contractor is pivotal in receiving the right support, including high-quality work and the final touches that bring your vision to life.

At Icon Building Group, we make our clients’ interior design goals into their reality. Our experienced team includes interior designers, product experts, and remodeling professionals who can give you the results you want, no matter your inspiration.

Learn more about our extensive interior and exterior remodeling services below. Alternatively, get in touch with Icon Building Group’s friendly remodelers to begin planning your next Chicago project.

What are the Benefits of Updating Your Home?

Residential property owners have so many reasons to update their home’s interior and exterior features. The cost-benefit ratio is a legitimate consideration. However, there are surprising advantages to updating appliances, windows, and even insulation when it comes to energy efficiency and the overall comfort that older homes might lack.

High-quality home remodeling services like those at Icon Building Group offer benefits like:

  • Quick ways to upgrade color schemes, paint, and wallpaper
  • Friendly and experienced technicians to make challenging renovations easy
  • Local experts to handle permits and other paperwork
  • Insurance and licensing for full-service protection
  • In-depth product knowledge and design expertise and more

Why not look into remodeling your Chicago home to bring out its best features? A professional company like ours can make all the difference.

Full-Service Interior and Exterior Home Remodeling Services

At Icon Building Group, we take our commitment to creating your perfect home seriously. Our full line of remodeling services can cover the whole house, inside and out.

Basement Remodel

Are you tired of a dank, musty basement? Let Icon Building Group transform your space into the recreation room, sealed storage space, or craft studio you have always imagined. The options are limitless with the high-quality services and design expertise available from our top-notch team.

Bathroom Remodel

The amazing innovations in water technology mean that bathroom remodels come highly recommended for outdated residential properties. Why not think about installing new toilets, showerheads, and faucet fixtures? It could update the look of a bathroom while reducing future utility expenses.

Kitchen Remodel

Kitchens are popular for home remodeling in Chicago, and it goes beyond making it a more practical place for culinary creation. Homeowners can do a lot with minor changes. For example, you could add an island, trade in the refrigerator for a sleeker model, or install time-saving appliances for an entirely new atmosphere in this busy area of the home.

Outdoor Areas

Full-service options mean that home remodeling does not stop with the interior. Icon Building Group’s team also creates fun, practical, and gorgeous for family and friends outdoors. Why not let us redesign the yard, patio, or deck for more time in the sun, garden, or hosting classic Chicago social gatherings?

Chicago Home Remodelers

Why does our team use a step-by-step method for the design, build, and finishing touches? We find that tried-and-trusted processes allow Chicago’s homeowners to take full advantage of our services on any budget or design goal.

At Icon Building Group, the process usually begins with a planning and design stage. Our team listens to your goals and creates a remodeling timeline. Next, we discuss your remodeling goals, guiding you through the various product and appliance selections and helping you choose the materials you want.

Our team also obtains the necessary permits and permissions your property may need from local and regional offices. We finalize all the project details and streamline an approach that will allow our experts to work room-by-room. That way, our project manager can limit any disruption to your Chicago home life, offer great customer service, and update you as each milestone ticks over.

Remodeling Contractors in Chicago, Illinois

Home remodeling is a breeze with Icon Building Group. Our home remodeling contractors are professional, easy to work with, and ready to help you build your dream home!

Don’t wait; call Icon Building Group at (847) 232-6400 today for phenomenal home remodeling in Chicago and the surrounding areas.