March 10, 2022 – Icon Building Group, a leading home builder and remodeling company in Illinois, has received notoriety for over two decades by creating spaces that are unique to their clients’ personal needs and styles. They specialize in providing high-quality construction and home renovation services to their clients across Illinois and Wisconsin. Recently, they were featured in the Home Building Series for Top Construction and Design by the Viewpoint Project, hosted by famous actor, Dennis Quaid. The Viewpoint Project is currently profiling the people and ideas that are changing the way people live.

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The recent featured segment showcases the world of design and construction, from the classic to the ultra-modern, to detail how it is filled with creativity. Today, cutting edge techniques are being used by designers and builders alike, helping to make homeowners’ favorite spaces beautiful, as well as functional. Icon Building Group was selected as being a company that is dedicated to helping make these needs, and the process of meeting their client’s needs, attainable.

“On time, on budget, or else,” says Jenny Rice, co-owner of Icon Building Group. “We live and breathe this guarantee, as piece of mind for our customers is our top priority. Being able to count on your project finishing on time and within your budget is always our team’s end goal.”

Icon Building Group has a wide range of experienced workers, including highly skilled architects, interior designers, builders, and home remodeling trades people all dedicated to ensuring that their client’s dream homes become reality. Through their years in service, they have undertaken a vast range of remodeling needs and they have been able to learn about personalization and tailoring the space to best suit their client’s ideas.

“I can tell you how we’re handling the demand for remodeling,” says Charlie Murphy, co-owner of Icon Building Group. “We’re ordering supplies and materials a lot sooner than we did in the past to allow for longer lead times and to make sure that our orders are fulfilled as best as possible. And then, secondly, working really hard to increase our trade base, and we’re mindful of that to make sure that the people we are adding to the bench are qualified, certified, and licensed to be home remodeling contractors.”

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