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Basement Remodeling


Want to stay in your current house? Love your schools and neighborhood but your simply out of room? Our remodeling company in Chicago can consult with you on options for designing an addition, finishing off the basement, or re-configuring your existing space to better suit your needs. Collaboration between our customers, architects and designers creates an environment where creativity meets budget to culminate an ideal solution.


Basement Remodelers Chicago Residents Trust

If you’ve got a basement that’s not living up to its full potential, why not give our Chicago basement remodelers a shout?

Basement remodeling in the Chicago suburbs is an exciting project to jump into, and we know you want the right people on the job. When you choose ICON Building Group, you’re choosing a basement renovations company that will put you first and make your wildest remodeling dreams a reality.


Smart Consultations, Professional Design

Our professionals start with consultations that bring together your vision and our expertise. Our consultants can do it all, from deciphering the best spots for windows, bathrooms, kitchens, etc., to ensuring all features are structurally sound. With basement remodeling, we get into all the details, right down to the plumbing systems.

As a Chicago basement remodeling and renovations company, we understand that buying materials and everything else you’ll need is costly. What if you do all of that, and it doesn’t turn out right? That’s a lot of time and money that you’ll never get back.

With a professional remodeling team, you’re guaranteed satisfaction. No more wondering if you’ve picked up the right type of wood and the correct amount of nails!


Experienced Basement Remodeling Contractors

Tricky electrical wires, ill-fitting frames, mold lurking behind walls, and various other obstacles can stall your project before you even begin. But our team of experienced contractors knows what to do in these and numerous difficult situations.

Professionals know what building permits will be necessary and how to get them. When you allow a trusted expert to sort out these details, you have less to worry about—you can spend time thinking instead about how gorgeous your renovated basement will be!

Specific trades workers are likely to be necessary for the job. Our basement remodeling contractors will have plenty of contacts on hand that can handle the parts that require specific skill sets.


Exceptional Quality Backed by Our Valued Clients

We have an abundance of five-star reviews from happy, satisfied customers. Our clients are at the center of everything we do, so we’re always delighted to hear they’re so satisfied. To achieve that level of satisfaction, we deliver nothing short of exceptional quality. But don’t take our word for it—hear it from our customers!


Design Fit for Your Budget

Thanks to their experience, our basement remodeling Chicago, IL professionals can help you design your basement to be as cost-effective as possible. Let us show you how to use the space to its fullest potential!


Our Guarantee

EVERY job we do comes with our guarantee: On Time, On Budget, Or Else!

ICON’s guarantee promises that your project will be complete within the schedule agreed on, as we understand the importance of being able to count on when the remodeling process will finish. If the process takes longer than quoted, WE will pay YOU up to $100 per day for each day the project has delayed.

Accountability, honesty, and respect are all core values in the way we do business. Our guarantee states that we will remain within the original budget and that you’ll NEVER end up paying more than the contracted amount.


Our Warranty

We have an RWC Limited Warranty Program to protect you against specified defects in materials and quality. There are different warranties for year one, year one to five, and a transferable warranty within five years.


The Benefits of Remodeling Your Basement

There are so many benefits to making the most of your space:


Optimizing Your Space

When you renovate the basement, you won’t have to worry about moving, and that relief is much more convenient. Moving is a major upheaval, so why not make the most of the space you already have instead?

If you do end up needing/wanting to sell your house in the future for whatever reason, the value will have skyrocketed from where it was before you had your basement remodeled.

Breathing New Life into Your Home

With a renovation, the space you aren’t currently utilizing will come to life, and it’ll feel like new.

A newly renovated space opens up a whole new world of possibilities, and it can be suited to fit your specific needs, so you get the most out of it. Do you want space for a games room? A new kitchen? Need another bathroom? A better living space?

No matter what you’re after, ICON can deliver it.

Discovering New Opportunities

If you need some extra income, turning your remodeled basement space into a suite and renting it out is a great way to do it. You can earn up to 75% of your monthly mortgage from this alone!


Hire our Basement Remodeling Professionals

Some take on the complicated task of renovating on their own, but the smartest strategy is to hire professionals. For a remodeling service backed by a quality and timeliness guarantee, contact ICON today!

We do bathroom remodeling and kitchen remodeling as well.