Jenny Rice and Mike Fess have been amazing to work with. We have a 2,900 sqft ranch that needed a major overhaul and a specific budget we were targeting to ensure we weren’t going to price ourselves out of the market. They met with us several times as we met with our architect to ensure we weren’t getting outrageous with our design ideas. After 4-6 meetings over several months we had a design that we absolutely loved. Unfortunately, after all the bids came back the pricing was close, but the comps in the area changed so much that it no longer made sense to move forward with plan. The reason why I love Jenny and Mike is that they both were very realistic with us, they didn’t try to push us into making an investment that didn’t make sense. We never felt pressured into anything. We felt that they had our best interest in mind. I would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of remodeling.