As professional home builders and designers, Icon Building Group stays on top of the current design trends and interests. While each of our clients has a unique sense of style and preferences, we’ve seen the popular interior design trends 2023 offers. You may find inspiration for your very own home transformation or remodeling project! We’re the Deerfield home builders you can count on for your next home building or remodeling endeavor. With an extensive gallery and wide range of rooms we design, we’ll deliver everything you’ve dreamed about for your home.

Learn more about four inspirational home design ideas, then give us a call.

1. Earth Tones and Natural Materials

Bringing elements of the outside indoors is one of the most popular interior design trends of the year. Browns, greens, and other nature-inspired colors can add relaxation and peace to any part of a home. Incorporating flowers and greenery also makes the perfect accessories and decor.

You can also choose furniture and decor pieces with natural materials, like limestone, wood, wool, stone, and more. Warmer colors that bring coziness to a home are trendier than the cooler tones and grays of the past. Additionally, hand-made artisan pieces are excellent for this aesthetic.

2. Multi-Functional Rooms

During the pandemic, we saw living rooms and kitchens turn into classrooms and workspaces. Today, using rooms for multiple purposes is becoming more common and favored among property owners. You can do this in your basement, garage, family room, and more.

If you have an office, you might want to repurpose it as a relaxing space for after work. While you might have a desk and work area, you could also include a comfortable couch with appealing throw pillows or a blanket. You can also add a multipurpose work area to your kitchen if you’d like.

Out of all the interior design trends 2023 has to offer, this one is extremely promising. Each of your rooms may have a main purpose that you designate, but they don’t have to stay limited to one thing.

3. Bold Color Combinations

Another one of the top design trends for 2023 are bolder colors. This might include jewel tone living room couches, paint colors, and decor pieces.

4. Black and Gothic Style

Darker, moodier hues throughout various areas in the home are back in style. It’s a look that’s customizable to everyone’s needs. You can incorporate this style in your property in simple ways or make dramatic and show-stopping as you prefer.

Some gothic interior style ideas include the following:

  • Black and gray color schemes
  • Detailed wallpapers and lighting
  • Velvet or swooping curtains
  • Candles
  • Ornate chandeliers

You can add deep purples, reds, greens, or bright blue to contrast with black decor.

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