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To be part of our Icon team, all of our home interior designers must first demonstrate advanced home design expertise in their areas of specialty. As an Icon client, this means you can be assured of working with a highly skilled and creative professional who is the ideal choice for your specific project. And as part of our ongoing project support, you can rest assured that all of our interior designers work together with us from the start of your project to the very end. This results in a more balanced and successful working relationship, enhancing quality and labor savings.

Interior Design Decisions

Make or Break Home Building or Remodeling Projects

While architects are great for creating construction plans that will actually work, there are other professionals homeowners routinely consult when they are building a new home or remodeling an existing one. Interior Designers specialize in making the best use of available spaces and should always be a member of the team when a home is taking shape. Their expertise helps clients to better envision how the project will actually look and function after the construction phase is completed. At Icon Building Group, we understand that not everyone understands the nuances of how people actually use their homes better than an Interior Design professional. There are specific areas where a design expert can help homeowners develop or improve on their concepts.

How Will the Spaces Flow?

In the past, homes were routinely constructed more with an eye to a budget rather than functionality. That’s why narrow galley kitchens were often built even though the builders knew they were not ideal for people actually living in the homes. Small, cramped rooms off narrow hallways or stairs with sharp turns never made life easier for anyone. That’s where a qualified interior designer can help. They spot potential issues before projects are even started, allowing property owners to request changes that actually make a home livable.

Selecting the Best Materials is Important

While granite countertops may be an ideal choice for one family, they may not meet the needs of another. Interior design professionals discuss the options available with clients to assess their needs and come up with ideas to meet those needs efficiently while still ending up with the style the client is looking for. While some clients are looking for a traditional approach to their home’s design, others are looking for more contemporary touches. The design expert will carefully select lighting fixtures, floor coverings, and finishes to match each client’s tastes.

Taking the Furnishings into Consideration

If the property owner will be using existing furniture, the interior design expert will make sure the furnishing will work to form a cohesive overall design. While eclectic items are often used to create interest, the end product must be pleasing to the eye as well as being functional. If some existing items might not be ideal in the new home or addition, the design professional will provide options for replacing an item or simply moving the item to a different space.

At Icon Building Group, our primary goal is making sure every client is happy with their home when a project is completed. We take pride in making sure every project uses quality materials and the installation is done right the first time. That’s why we encourage our clients to take advantage of the professionals that can make your project a success. We value the input of design experts, and we listen to their advice when our team is designing new homes or working with clients to revitalize existing spaces.

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