In the grand scheme of things, the kitchen island vs. peninsula showdown may not seem difficult. When it comes to your own kitchen, however, you want to make the right decision. In this post, Icon Building Group, your go-to home remodeling professionals in Wilmette, discuss how the choice can affect your kitchen work.

What Is the Difference?

Both are technically counters that can provide additional storage. They do, however, look distinctly different:

  • Island: An island is a standalone piece in the center of the kitchen. Contrary to what you might think, an island requires more space than a peninsula because you need clearance around all four sides.
  • Peninsula: We attach a peninsula to one wall of your kitchen and extend the counter across. It can be a straight piece, a U-shape, or an L-piece. It is usually more popular in smaller kitchens.

Which Option Is Best for You?

There is no one formula that determines the outcome of kitchen island vs. peninsula, but kitchen size is one of the primary factors. While most property owners like the idea of an island, those with small kitchens may need to rethink their options.

If size is not an issue, then flow and storage come into play. A peninsula can offer double-sided storage if it is wide enough, but property owners often sacrifice one side to put in seating.

While the island might seem more compact by comparison, it offers four sides for storage, and you can also install seating if there is enough space. An island provides more flow in the room and clutters the space less.

Having a peninsula is an excellent way to create a clear delineation between the kitchen and living area in an open-plan home, but it can also make the space seem smaller. Installing an island opens up the space, making the room seem slightly larger.

On the other hand, the peninsula can offer an extended working surface with less clearance necessary. If you have several people working in the kitchen at once, this might prove preferable.

Which Is the More Modern Option?

A peninsula is something most people would see growing up, and it is the more traditional option. While islands are the more contemporary version, no one suggests using one simply to stay on trend. Both options are acceptable and offer useful space.

Which One Is More Expensive?

It may surprise you to learn that the peninsula is usually the less expensive option. It is a continuation of the existing surface and requires less labor to install while using the same materials.

Islands, on the other hand, require additional labor because contractors build them from scratch. As standalone units, they also have no support from the wall and may force you to relocate plumbing. These costs add up, making some homeowners choose carts instead.

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