Sometimes, it feels difficult to know where to start for a whole home remodel. Coming up with a plan for the remodel increases your peace of mind and ensures you know what to expect, but it can be overwhelming to anticipate everything you need to know.

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Set Goals Before Starting the Remodel

Whether you plan to remodel your whole house or just a single room, it’s always a good idea to clearly outline your goals first. Home improvement projects often take a lot of work, time, and money to complete. Having goals in mind allows you to direct the scope of the project.

Make sure that you take the time to consider the reason why you want to remodel your home. For example, maybe you want to improve the functionality of your home, including the kitchen and bathroom.

Your goals for the remodel will guide the plan your architects will devise for you.

Consider Your Funding Source

You may want to think about funding when considering where to start a whole home remodel. You’ll likely need some flexibility to pay for remodeling your entire home. You may finance the project through:

  • Cash or other liquid assets
  • A home equity loan
  • Credit cards

Note that, in general, you want to stick to low-interest loans or your personal savings. Credit cards often come with high-interest rates that can make a home remodeling project more expensive here in Chicago.

Work with Professionals

The experts recommend contacting architect design professionals before you get too deep into planning a whole home remodel. Home design professionals can help you review all the options that work for your property, which can help prevent stress in the long run.

Professionals understand the structural requirements of your property, which allows them to ensure that your remodel plans are doable. You can easily paint a wall or change your counters, but if you plan to remove walls to open up your floor plan, you need to consider the structure of your home.

Decide on Your Remodel Style

Make sure that you have a style in mind before you begin a whole home remodel. You can change the entire look of your property if you are renovating the entire building. If you begin the remodel with a consistent style in mind, it can reduce stress and help guide your choices throughout the construction process.

Speak with Our Team About a Whole Home Remodel

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