If you are planning a master bathroom renovation, you may want to consider including a couple’s shower. A couple’s shower, also known as a double shower, not only adds to your home’s value but also makes it easier for couples to share a bathroom.

A His and Hers shower is the focal point of a master bathroom remodel, so the materials and colors that the bathroom designers choose are essential.

Primary Considerations

Before you pick out your matching showerheads, you need to be sure your master bathroom is big enough to accommodate a double shower. The ideal size for this type of shower is eight feet by four feet, so you will want to be sure the finished shower will fit.

A His and Hers shower needs to have enough water pressure to accommodate two people, and your hot water tank may require an upgrade to sustain the volume of water necessary for a dual shower. Also, you may need to update your water meter if you add a new point of plumbing.

Double Shower Heads and Sprays

A double shower needs two showerheads, of course. The fixtures mount at the same height for visual balance, usually at a height suitable for whoever is taller. However, there are many other options to explore as well.

Ceiling showerheads provide a rainlike effect when showering, making access easier for both people. Body sprays can be mounted in the wall, angled to hit the body at different angles for a complete shower surround effect.

A handheld sprayer is another flexible option that can provide more shower access for a couple and eliminates the need for two plumbing points. Multiple spray options are easily adjustable for people of any height.

Walk-In Shower Design

His and Hers showers typically are an open design, with little if any border to separate them from the surrounding floor. Instead, the floor is graded to draw the water to the drain at the center or far end, depending on the layout, keeping the rest of the bathroom floor dry. This is especially true with walk-in shower designs.

Natural Materials and Open Spaces

Bathroom remodelers can be creative with the materials they use and how space is laid out and arranged. A narrow double shower can incorporate frosted glass to brighten the room while providing privacy.

Construction materials including marble, tile, and stone can be blended with the surrounding walls and floor for a seamless look.

Built-in benches are a staple for a His and Hers shower and a great way to utilize and remodel even a small shower space to make room for two.

Another clever idea for an ample master bathroom space is a wet-room style. A wet-room design includes the shower and the tub with the tub inside the shower space. Not only does it provide ample shower space for two, but you can splash around in the tub without getting the floor wet.

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