Are you thinking it’s time to sell your home? We all want the best possible price, right? Maximize your return on investment with these remodeling tips!

Even if you’re not selling soon, it pays to learn more about remodeling. Home improvement projects can also improve your enjoyment of your house. A fresh coat of paint or new lighting fixtures can make the space more aesthetically pleasing, allowing you to fall back in love with your home.

Remodeling Tips to Increase Home Value

Which improvements are the most impactful? The Icon Building Group team suggests considering the following home renovation projects first.

Kitchen Renovations

Something as simple as changing out the backsplash can instantly update the look of the space. Other small projects include changing out the faucets and adding an island.

For a more extensive revamp, you might consider gutting the kitchen and starting again. This technique is beneficial in improving the flow of space in the area. Some home buyers might add more storage, windows, and replace or refinish cabinetry.

Updating your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel may go beyond merely improving the look of the space. Upgrading to a steam shower or installing new lighting are two remodeling tips to increase home value. Both enhance the usability and desirability of your bathroom.

Adding a second bathroom is also often a worthwhile property investment.

Use More of the Space You Have

Instead of incorporating an addition to your home, consider making your basement and attic livable. It is a cost-effective way to create more usable space without undertaking major construction.

Meeting Modern Building Codes

If you have an older home, you should check that it is up to code periodically. Should a potential buyer discover code violations, they’ll offer you significantly less than the property is worth, so it makes sense to correct these before putting your home on the market.

Use the Outdoor Space

Patios, pergolas, decks, and paving can all upgrade your backyard into an entertainment area. These additions look beautiful and can increase both curb appeal and property value.

Interior Touches

Remake your home’s interior with modern paint colors, wall treatments, ceiling updates, and lighting. A simple patterned ceiling or contemporary paneling creates stunning features in any home.

It’s possible to complete interior updates by making minor tweaks that are both cost-effective and beautiful.

Master Bedroom Updates

Changing your master bedroom into a sanctuary improves your quality of life and your home’s resale value. Changing the flooring or adding coffered ceiling panels can update the look of the room.

Adding or upgrading an on-suite bathroom is another tip to improve your home’s desirability. You might also consider adding a luxurious walk-in closet or dressing room to create a master suite.

Adding Extra Rooms

Some families need more space than others. You might want to add a nursery, study, or conservatory to improve your home’s floor plan.

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