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All of the architects selected as our strategic partners are chosen with one simple prerequisite in mind—they excel at what they do. That means you can be certain we will team you up with an architect who is ideally suited for your project in every way. We work hand-in-hand with the architect from the very beginning to make sure your project runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible. This team approach results in enhanced communication and cooperation. And that means greater quality for you with increased savings in both time and money.

Icon Group Architects

We’ll Keep Your Project on Track

We know how important an architect is to your building project, if on is needed. They are tasked with designing your project to meet local building codes, while meeting the needs of you and your family. That means a properly designed construction project will incorporate the requirements of sound construction, while providing the “wow” factor, for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  Of course, the design must also be functional.  That’s why we encourage the inclusion of the architect in our collaborative efforts, to further ensure you will be happy with the results of your project.

Are All Architects Equal?

Of course not. A project must be designed to both look and function properly or you are unlikely to be happy. While one design professional may be proficient at planning a commercial building, that individual may not be talented at providing home designs. Home Building Architects tend to specialize in private homes rather than other types of structures, and those are the experts Icon Building Group recommends for your building project. Whether it’s a home makeover project on an 1800s Victorian home or new construction with a contemporary flair, working with a design expert can easily make the difference between a successful project and one that’s lacking. We want you to be happy with your home and always try to match you with the best available architect for your needs.

Architects are Part of a Team

Architects don’t work in a vacuum. They must work closely with the you and with your team at Icon. If there are design issues, we all need to be able to effectively communicate to get whatever issue there might be resolved so the construction process can continue. There are times when you might request a change to be made. Our architects are always willing to jump back in to your project, if the change you want to make, requires their expertise.

How Much Does it Cost to Use an Architect?

There is no set fee for the services of our architects. The cost can only be determined once we understand the scope of your project.  However, due to the volume of business we supply to our architectural partners, you are provided a discount off of what the cost would normally be.  While we want our clients to enjoy the best results possible, we also understand that containing costs is also important.

Our goal is to make sure each project our team is involved in is completed to your satisfaction. We strive to make sure every aspect of a project is handled in a way that ensures there are no issues for you to worry about once the project is completed. If you’re considering a project, contact our team today to learn more about how our commitment to quality, from the initial design to installing the final touches, will guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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We’re there to make sure your project is a success, and we’ll take whatever steps are needed to make sure that happens.