It is 4th of July weekend coming up which means there are going to be lots of appliance sales. So, if you’re considering new appliances, we have tidbits you might want to keep in mind as you’re shopping. So, dishwashers are standard size so just go with what you like and how it holds the utensils and plates and stuff. They’re a standard size so they’ll fit in if you’re reusing the same opening, it’ll fit. Don’t worry about.

Ranges, range tops and cook tops come in 30 inch wide, 36 inch wide, 48 and 60 inch wide. Some very off brands carry a 42 inch but I wouldn’t worry about that.

The hood has a blower in it and that’s what sucks out the greasy air and smoke out of your house. So, this is also considered an appliance.

The fridge. Cabinet depth fridges go up to the edge of the cabinet and all you see is the door. It only sticks out the depth of the door. There is also something called the built-in fridge which is flush with eth cabinetry and it has the motor on top. So, fridges come in all different shapes and sizes. That one you want to get right if you’re fitting it into your existing opening. If you’re building a kitchen around it, no worries. But you want to know what your existing opening options are.

Finally, the most difficult one as crazy it sounds is the microwave. These come in every different size and some of them have a trim kit that come with the microwaves. But some don’t come with a trim kit. Some are meant to sit on a countertop, some are meant to be built in. You want to make sure you get this right if you’re retrofitting it into your existing kitchen.

So, again, it’s 4th of July weekend. Big sales on appliances. Hope that helps.