Today I’m here to talk to you about cabinet doors, specifically wood cabinet doors. I live in the Chicago area and for anybody that is from this hood, you all know that we have very humid summers and we have very dry winters. And our wood cabinet doors respond to the humidity, or lack thereof, just like my hair does. So, cabinet doors are either painted or stained and there’s a seam on them. In the dry winter months, sometimes seams in cabinet doors can separate a little bit. You see it much more prevalently in painted finishes because the paint separates. So, a stained finish, it’ll still separate but you just can’t notice it as much. So, I’m here to say don’t fret. There’s nothing wrong with your cabinet door. It’s just dry in your house. So, if you pump in a little bit of humidity or wait until the Spring, that little split will close back up again. So, cabinet doors respond the humidity. So, the drier it is, you might it see it shrink up a little bit. Don’t worry. Everything will be okay.