Today we’re going to talk about bathtubs, specifically freestanding bathtubs. Freestanding tubs come in a variety of styles and shapes. For example, you could buy a freestanding tub that’s square and has no feet so it sits directly on the floor. In addition, the faucet can be in the deck of the tub, known as a deck-mounted faucet, as opposed to a freestanding faucet which mounts behind the tub and looks somewhat like an old telephone. This is a nice cost savings to be able to mount it directly onto the deck of the tub.

Some other things to know about freestanding tubs. If you’re a big bather, a freestanding tub probably isn’t the best product for you. There’s nowhere to set anything, there’s nowhere to put a bar of soap or a glass of wine, whatever you might be into. But they certainly look great. Having said that, there is more functionality that you can get with freestanding tubs. If you want bubbles, if you want heating elements, you can do that all through a freestanding tub though it does increase the cost. You should also note that the costs of freestanding tubs has a huge price range depending on who makes it, what the material is, what the shape is, etc.

Lastly, the first thing to keep in mind when considering a freestanding tub is real estate in the bathroom. How much space do you have? The nice thing about a freestanding tub is they do take up a little less space than deck-mounted tubs which are those big platforms that we build to install a tub into. So, consider the real estate in the room, your budget and then what kind of functionality you want in the tub itself before deciding on your freestanding tub.