We’re talking about siding. So, let’s talk about what the options are for siding? First, real cedar siding, real wood. Second, James Hardie siding which looks like wood but it’s not. It’s actually made out of cement and it’s pressed to look like wood and it comes in various colors. Another product very similar to James Hardie is LP siding. Not cement but very similar in its durability and longevity. And finally, vinyl. Okay. So, what’s what? Real wood is great but you get bugs, there’s maintenance and it’s expensive. But it looks great. Hardie, not real wood, looks fantastic, the paint lasts for about 15 years. There are in stock colors for lack of a better word but you can customize your colors. LP is very similar with its longevity, about 15 years. In fact, you might change your mind on the color of your house before the paint runs out. And finally, vinyl. What I will say about vinyl is it’s by far the most affordable and it probably get a bum rap. But to be honest, vinyl looks great. So, if you’re on a budget, think about vinyl. There are some other things that you might want to think about as far as color. Your neighborhood might have a monotony code meaning if your neighbor’s gray and this neighbor’s gray, you can’t be bright. So, it’s some stuff to look into but check out these materials for cost and benefits.