I’m going to talk a little about trends, particularly in kitchen remodeling. I get asked all the time if when people are remodeling, if they’re picking out trendy things or timeless things. So, the answer is this: we can usually predict trends for about five years. Anything past that, we don’t know exactly. I can also tell you that what’s super popular on the East and West Coast takes a little longer to get to the Midwest. We tend to be a little bit more traditional in our aesthetic than you might see elsewhere. Lastly, what I’m seeing the marketplace right now which is pretty standard is when things go super cool like they’ve been, gray, cool, stark lines, we tend to have the exact opposite reaction and then we’ll start seeing warm tones, natural grains, natural woods come into play again. So, that’s where I’m seeing the market headed right now, a little less cool, a little warmer. Mostly what I would say people is you got to love to look at it.