Let’s talk about countertops. So, a few weeks ago, I talked about how I see the trend in design leading more toward to natural products once again. Natural wood tones, wood grains, and natural palette. I definitely see that coming back into the main stage in the design world. So, how does that impact countertops? Well, for years, we’ve been putting in white quartz countertops with either gray or taupe veining and it’s beautiful. It truly is. And there’s some really cool things you can do with granite that might not have known about. So, we’re all used to granite with a really shiny polished finish on it. But there are different finishes you can do to your granite surface that really change the look of it.

Granite can be honed and leathered. So, it has a matte finish and the leathering gives it some dimension. This is means it’s not shiny and is textured. Aside from it being just a gorgeous piece of stone, this honing and leathering adds an extra layer of interest and dimension that a polished countertop just can’t it. So, when you’re thinking about countertops, take another look at granite. Some granites lend themselves better to this finish than others. But it’s just so cool.