For those of you that have some time on your hands and are considering getting your house ready to put up for sale, there are some things you can do while you have this extra time at home. First thing, changing your cabinet knobs in your kitchen instantly updates the look of the kitchen and gives it a fresh new face. Number two, change your door knobs and hinges particularly if they’re brass. Maybe change it to black or brushed nickel. Again, instantly updates the house. Now the biggest one and the biggest pain in the tush, if you have oak trim throughout your house, get yourself some white paint. I know a lot of you feel they’re your wood pieces and you feel like you should never paint wood. I’m here to tell you to paint the wood trim. It will make your house far more marketable when it comes time to list it. So, change your cabinet knobs, change your door knobs and hinges and paint your wood trim if you have it.