Today I’m going to talk about kitchen sinks. I know it doesn’t seem that fascinating but there is actually come interesting information. A hundred years ago, kitchen sinks were cast-iron and they had an enamel coating and you couldn’t kill them. You could run a Sherman tank over it and it would be fine. Every once in a while, you might get a chip in the enamel but they were really durable. You could certainly still get those sinks. They’re incredibly heavy and they can get a little bit pricy. Due to the weight, we have to put extra bracing in a cabinet sometimes to support it.

Usually, the industry standard now is a stainless steel sink and there are a few options. You can get a drop-in sink where the sink actually sits on the surface of the countertop and there’s a lip around the sink. That’s one option. The more popular option is undercount sink so you don’t have that lip that you have to clean around. The other thing is if you don’t like stainless steel, again you could go with the enamel sink and there’s something called a composite sink. A composite sink has almost a granite look and comes in a handful of colors. It’s a nice divergence from the stainless steel.

As for styles of sink, again the kind of industry standard used to always be a double bowl sink but single bowls are really more popular. They’re great defrosting a turkey or bathing a small person in it. But there’s also an apron sink which is sort of like that sink which is visible from the outside of the cabinet tray. So, sinks have actually become sort of a decorative thing in a kitchen and it’s something to think about such as how do you use your sink, if you do want a divide in the sink or if you’d like a big open space. So, options for sink. Who knew?