Today I wanted to talk to you a little bit about fireplace options. So, the first which I think we’re all familiar with is a wood burning fireplace. There’s a chimney on the outside of the house, there’s a flue which you have to open, you burn wood, it smells great. Awesome. There’s also something called a direct vent fireplace and the direct vent requires a gas line and you probably also knew this as well, there’s a ceramic log that sits in the firebox itself so it’s sort of looks like you’re burning wood and you’ll often see a little bump out on the outside of the house that’s housing the firebox which is the term that we use. The thing about a direct vent is you can flick a switch and poof, you’ll have fire. You don’t need a full chimney and it’s really a much more affordable than a wood burning fireplace. So, that’s a great option. The last one is a vent less fireplace. This kind of fireplace can be placed on an interior wall and doesn’t require exterior venting. It still does have a gas line but it doesn’t need to be vented out. So, it’s a great option for an interior space fireplace.