Today I’m here to talk to you about seasonal decorating. Sounds odd but during holidays, I’m houses with beautiful displays of seasonal decorations and a lot of them have cords just draped everywhere. So, I wanted to talk to you about is if you’re designing a new house or if you’re remodeling and you have an electrician in your house, think about your seasonal decorating and where you plug things in. If you like to decorate the mantle, ask your electrician to pop in an outlet somewhere near that mantle. If you like to wrap your handrail with lights, ask him to pop in an outlet near the top of the stairs so you don’t have to drape that cord into the next bedroom or something like that. Even exterior outlets, maybe you could use a few more. If you’re like a Clark Griswold and you like a lighting display, maybe you want some more outlets. So, beautiful lighting displays would look even better if you didn’t have to have cords draped everywhere. So, think about your outlets with your seasonal displays on your next remodel.