Today I’m here to talk to you about artwork and gallery walls. We have obviously posted tons of pictures of new construction homes and newly finished remodels. But what makes these houses homes is really what you put into them and artwork is a great place to start with personalizing your home. I am a big art lover and I’m a firm believer that art doesn’t have to match your couch. Artwork is there to inspire and invoke emotion and maybe trigger a memory, whatever it is. It’s very personal so mostly you just have to like to look at it. And if you can display it in such a way that it’s appealing, all the better. So, gallery walls are a great way to get a bunch of artwork or personal pictures or whatever it is out in one space and have a nice impact. You could have similar frames for this gallery wall and you could have similar themed pictures. There’s no real hard and fast rules. Mostly just again, you’ve got to like to look at it. It’s artwork and it’s personal. So, enjoy it.