Today I’m talking about stairs. We do a lot of stair remodeling and quite often when we refinish floors, the stairs are the next conversation and you’ll see why if you have oak flooring and there’s oak on your stairs, we need to think about that when we’re refinishing the floor. So, I thought it’d be important to talk about what all the different parts are that can get addressed during a remodel.

Firstly, you have the spindles. Typically, many spindles will be the builder grade painted white wood spindles. One was to create a more modern look is to replace these with metal spindles with an antique pewter finish and a cool spacer-knuckle pattern.

Next, you have, obviously, the handrail. At the end of the handrail is the newel post. Again, builder grade newels can be replaced by a larger newel post in order to make a nice, big impactful statement.

The next part of the stairs we’ll talk about is the tread. Often, the tread is refinished in the same color as the newel and the handrail. However, the next part of stairs called a raiser is often painted white because it’s very hard to refinish on a vertical finish.

So, to recap, we’ve got raiser, tread, newel, handrail and spindles. Remodeling your stairs is a good way to create a nice modern beefy impact on the house and the cost is pretty affordable. So, think about your stairs.