If you’re hoping for some drama in a space, there are a couple of ways to get that drama. You can go with a deep dramatic color or you could pick maybe a more subtle color but kick up the sheen in the paint. So, paint as you all know, you can get in flat, eggshell, semi-gloss or glossy finish. The higher that you go with that sheen, the glossier that you go, the more drama you’ll get in a room. The light actually bounces off of that sheen in the paint and it adds a formality and a little varoom to the room even with a more subtle paint color. The higher the sheen, kind of the snazzier it looks. One thing to keep in mind, the imperfections in the wall, you’ll see them more with the high sheen. So, the more imperfections that exist in the wall, you will see them more with the glossier paint. But having said that, it still looks really cool. So, when you’re wanting to add a little drama to a space, kick up the sheen in your paint finish. It looks great.