I want to talk you about a little bit about plumbing fixtures. As a lot of you know, you can plumbing fixtures at Home Depot and most of the major plumbing manufacturers do make a line that they sell directly to big box stores. It’s important to know the different between that, the one that you get at the big box store, and the plumbing fixtures that you get at a plumbing supply. Much like a fashion brand that has a line that they sell just for their outlet, this line for big box stores, the guts of the faucets are different than they are from plumbing supply. The fittings are all made from plastic instead of brass. So, when you pick up the fixture, you can feel the difference in the weight and certainly it is less expensive. There may be a difference in longevity of the fixture so it’s something to keep in mind when you’re out buying fixtures. They certainly look nice but there is a difference quality and the materials that they’ve made the fixture out of. So, think about it. Maybe it’s worth it to spend a little bit of extra money on the fixture from plumbing supply.