Today we’re going to talk about home offices. As I’m sure of you have realized over these last three months, it has never been more important to have a dedicated area in your house where you can get some work done. Now whether that’s a formal office space or whether you convert an old closet with a desk and some shelves, having this area is paramount right now. So, some things you might want to think about when you’re creating that office space whether it’s in a new house or you’re doing a remodel. First, how is your internet connection? Make sure that’s good for your Zoom calls, for all of your emails, etc. Second, how do you work? Do you tend to have a lot of papers? Do you need a lot of storage or are you paperless? Third, do you need a lot of surface space? Do you spread out or do you just need room for a little laptop? Fourth, how does it feel in your office? Is it conducive to being there all day and actually getting some work done? Is the light good? Is the paint color nice? That kind of thing. So, again, when thinking about your home office, consider internet connection, how you work and what kind of storage you need, how much surface space you need and how do you feel in the room. Make this space your own so you can stay all day and get some work done.