Today we’re talking about flooring, specifically field-finished oak flooring. Oak is by far the most popular wood flooring that we can get. It’s affordable, it’s durable and it holds its color very well. So, let’s talk about field-finished. That means that the flooring comes out raw or unfinished. It’s delivered to the house. If you’re doing a remodel, it’ll actually sit in your house for a few days to acclimate to the humidity level in your house. Then it will get installed, sanded, stained and sealed. So, the standard plank size for oak flooring field-finished is about three and a quarter or four inch. You can go wider but it’s important to keep in mind as you go wider with your planks, the wood will respond to the humidity level in your house. So, as you go wider, it will respond more and I know we all love wide plank flooring and if that’s the direction you want to go in, you might consider an engineered product. But for a field-finished product, most often we stay four inches or below for our plank size. And once again, you can sand it down, you can stain it any color you like and three coats of sealant. Red oak is a little bit more popular than white oak. You can get either one. The red oak stains a little bit different than the final product than the white. So, you want to know that going in when you pick your stain color.