We’re going to talk about backsplash tile. This is an important category although a small one and it can make a really big impact on your kitchen design whether you’re remodeling or building a new house. You don’t need that much backsplash tiles so I think this is an area to really make a splash and have a varoom in your kitchen. So, there are all kinds of things you can. You can do glass tile. It tends to feel more contemporary. You could do a mix of glass and stone which also tends to more contemporary. With something like this, you’ll going to want to have a much simpler countertop so you don’t have too much going on in the kitchen. You can go with a good old fashioned subway tile which is ceramic. Subway tile comes in all different kinds of colors and slight shape differences. It’s very affordable and you can install it in a lot of different patterns. You could also use stone tile such as one that already comes in a herring bone pattern which looks great and is kind of easy to install to get this big impact with your herring bone.