Today I wanted to talk to you about millwork. So, millwork is anything from the casing on a door opening to the base molding that you see around the floor to the ceiling. Millwork can change a space completely to make it feel more modern, to make it feel more traditional, it can pop your paint color, it can create a picture frame around your windows. It is a great way to add detail and attention to an otherwise really plain room. So, when you are building or remodeling, attention to millwork is near and dear to my heart as it really changes the space completely. Millwork, by the work, doesn’t have to be white. That is certainly the most common but sometimes if you’re wanting to feel a little bit more contemporary, maybe your millwork goes to a different color, maybe your millwork has less detail on it. The more detail on it, the more traditional it tends to feel. But millwork really changes the mood of the space. So, hot tip of the day, think about your millwork.