I wanted to talk about today that’s sort of a sign of the times. We’ve already designed a couple of houses with these but I have a feeling we’re going to start seeing more of it as we start reentering the world. We have a couple of houses in design right now that have Amazon drop-off rooms specifically. So, it has its own separate entrance, it’s locked to the main part of the house. Amazon or whatever your delivery service is can come and drop packages in this little space, temperature controlled and they have never have to interact with you. So, it is ongoing social distancing. Anyway, something to think about as we make our way back into the world if we’re feeling a little less likely to want to shake hands and interact. These drop-off rooms are going to start getting more and more popular. Usually next to the garage, little room, Amazon packages, maybe food deliveries, groceries deliveries so you don’t have to talk to people for better or worse.