Today I want to talk to you about plumbing fixture finishes. There are a handful of standard finishes and then we can get into some funkier ones as well. You can get chrome which is shiny, silver and the most affordable finish. The nice thing about chrome is if you’re trying to match with other fixtures or other faucets, chrome is somewhat universal and it will all match. Next, there is brushed nickel which is probably the most popular finish right now. The one thing about brushed nickel is it can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in how silver or gold it can appear. Then there is oil rubbed bronze which also can really vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in how brown or coppery it can look. We’re starting to more in a black finish which looks super contemporary. Again with black, it will be very universal from one manufacturer to the next and then we’re getting into also some of these cool specialty finishes like brushed gold. The pricing does vary finish to finish. If you’re looking to save money, stay with the chrome. Some of the other specialty finishes jack the price of the fixture a little bit but they do look cool