Today we are talking about front doors. Insulated metal front doors has a lot of options and it’s the most affordable front door you could put in your house. Another option is fiberglass. Fiberglass can also be painted or you can order it with some texture to it and you can stain it until it looks more like a wood front door. It’s more expensive than insulated metal. Lastly, there’s wood front doors which can be hugely expensive and they look fantastic but they do require maintenance specially the Midwest where we have a lot of humidity and weather to contend with. To recap, when you’re thinking about your front door, you can go with an insulated metal product which is very affordable and you can paint it whatever color you like. You could do fiberglass which can look like wood or you can paint it. It’s more expensive than metal. And finally, there are real wood front doors which are certainly maintenance but they look great and they can run the gamut of expense. So, personally, I like a front door that you want to go and knock on but you can get that through any range of prices from metal to wood. So, think about all of those factors when you’re considering your front door.