I wanted to share with you the number one most frequently asked question I get during a kitchen remodel is should I get a cook top and a double wall oven or should I get a range or a stove if you’re my age? Okay. Pros and cons. A cook top and a double wall oven, a lot of people prefer this because when they’re baking or cooking in hot dishes, they don’t have to bend over and pull out a hot pan out of an oven. They can pull it out a wall oven is a little bit easier. Also, what’s nice is if you have a cook top, I get you some nice storage underneath your cook top for your pots and pans. A con to a cook top and double wall oven is space. If you have a smaller kitchen, this is going to take up a lot of space. So, for those smaller kitchens, a range might be the better solution for you. Also, a lot of people like that beefy, industrial look of a range. So, if you don’t mind pulling hot pans out of an oven from down low, a range might be the solution for you. So, cook top and double oven or a range depends on the size of your kitchen and how you want it to look mostly.