Today we’re going to talk about stock cabinetry which is very different than custom and let me tell you what you need to know about stock kitchen cabinetry. Number one, height of a base cabinet. A base cabinet with a countertop will be 36 inches. Upper cabinets range in height generally of 30, 36 and 42 inches. Often, you will see 42 inch cabinets because people want the tall cabinets. If you have an eight foot ceiling, you cannot fit crown moulding. So, if you have an eight foot ceiling and you like crown moulding, you have to go down to a 36 inch upper cabinet.

Other things that are important to know. With stock cabinet only, your box size increase in size in three inch increments. For example, you might have a 15 inch wide cabinet, then an 18, then a 21. You get the idea. So, the thing about stock is you’re limited by your box sizes. And you also have standard door and finish styles and selections. So, I’m going to tell you most kitchens are stock. So, we can make a kitchen look badass with stock cabinets and we do have some limitations to keep in mind. So, once again, box size, cabinet height and finish are limited with stock cabinets. So, keep that in mind when designing your kitchen.