I have a lot of customers and this happens all the time where there might be a complex remodel going on with a lot of moving parts and it can be really hard for customers to envision the final product and they get worried. And I totally get it. But much like looking at a picture when it’s half way painted, it’s hard to imagine the whole finished thing coming together. Remodeling is a lot like that. When you dissect each piece one at a time, it might not look great but as you let it all come together and trust in that process, I promise it’s going to look fantastic. So, as hard as it is—and Lord knows it’s hard—if you can hold off until the end when you see it all put together, I know you’ll be happy. It’s painful and it’s frustrating and I get it. But it comes together and it looks great. So, deep breath, it’s going to look fantastic. Much like a painting, try and hold off judgement until the end because it’s going to look great.