If you’re considering a basement expansion for your finished or unfinished basement, you have a lot to consider before beginning.

By working with the Icon Building Group, creative home remodeling experts in Arlington Heights, IL, you receive expert guidance from professionals with years of experience helping property owners like you build the homes of their dreams.

Below, you’ll find all you need to know about planning for your basement expansion project.


Factors to Consider Before Expanding Your Basement

If you’re considering expanding your basement, you may feel understandably lost as to where to begin. Depending on your goals, property dimensions and limitations, and other factors, basement expansion may present many challenges.

Fortunately, interior design and construction experts can help. Below, you’ll find s list of factors to consider while planning your basement expansion project.


Getting Started

Every good basement expansion and remodeling begins with planning, and that’s exactly what you should do to get started.

During the initial stages, it helps to gain a firm idea of what you want to use your new basement space for. How much additional square footage do you require? Do you need additional storage? What about an extra room or converting your unfinished basement into a short-term rental living space for additional income?

Whatever your needs,  having a set goal can help you and your designers make the most of your basement expansion.

In addition to your goals, always consider your time restrictions, space needs, and budget limits when moving to the next stage of the expansion process. Get quotes from remodeling experts you trust before making any commitments.


Finding Designers and Architects

Once you know what you want from your basement floors, you need designers, architects, and builders to make it happen.

Property owners ready to expand their finished or unfinished basements can find all the professional guidance, interior design, and building services they need by working with The Icon Building Group.



During your basement expansion project, you may encounter the need to apply for and receive special building permits.

Experienced interior remodeling professionals can help you determine what permits you need and will generally apply for these permits in your stead. This saves property owners time, money, and legal worries during the project.



Finally, the cost of a basement expansion may determine what a property owner can or can’t do with their budget.

Speak to design and remodeling professionals to get a reasonable estimate regarding the price of your ideal basement expansion before embarking on the project.

Seasoned remodeling professionals can make the basement expansion process stress-free and seamless. To get help from the ground up in your expansion project, reach out to the Icon Building Group today.


Build Your Ideal Basement With Icon Building Group

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